H2Oooh Mobile Wash is the best around when it comes to pressure washing your home’s foundation and other exterior surfaces. Residential pressure washing can add thousands of dollars in value to an otherwise drab-looking house, and H2Oooh Mobile Wash is the company you should trust with your business.

H2Oooh Mobile Wash will put safety first whenever we are servicing our residential customers. We use only safe methods and chemicals for cleaning whatever surface there is on a home or any other building that needs a power wash. Our residential pressure washing service will leave your house sparkling.  H2Oooh Mobile Wash has perfected the most efficient and powerful pressure washing equipment to accomplish jobs that used to take days, in just a matter of hours. We can pressure wash everything from your home’s foundation to concrete patios and sidewalks, decking and railings, outdoor furniture and fencing – you name it! H2Oooh Mobile Wash will bring our pressure washing machine to your house so we don’t have any limitations on the areas we can clean, which is why H2Oooh Mobile Wash is by far the best choice for residential pressure washing.

Our H2Oooh Mobile Wash team is made up of the most well-trained and experienced technicians in North Carolina, who will use power washing techniques to get your house shining like new. H2Oooh Mobile Wash only hires individuals with a strong work ethic and respect for the job, which means H2Oooh Mobile Wash has some of the best pressure washers in town! So what are you waiting for? H2Oooh Mobile Wash provides our Lincolnton, NC customers with a free quote on all residential power washing needs or requests, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call H2Oooh Mobile Wash today! We have been serving this area for many years now.


The is the main thing people see so don’t let it be an eyesore. Show that you value your home by keeping it clean. Also, pressure washing for your home can also keep harmful organisms like mold, mildew, algae, and more off of your home’s siding, prolonging its life. We can clean any type of house exterior siding.


Keeping your roof and gutters clean is important not just for appearance, but for functionality as well. Fungus, Algae, Lichens, etc. can do major damage to your roof if left unchecked. Also, blocked gutters can lead to serious problems like flooding and foundation leaking which can then lead to interior mold problems.


Nobody wants to inhabit a porch or deck that is disgusting due to lack of cleaning. We can clean your deck or porch no matter what type of material it is made from. Don’t let the algae, fungus, mold, and other type of contaminants infect your decks, porches or patios. Let Steam on Wheels get them clean.


Your walkways and driveways are very noticeable places and if they are dirty it is very obvious. What isn’t obvious is that allowing these areas to get overrun with dirt can be harmful to you and the walkways and driveways. This dirt is full of organisms that can degrade the concrete, asphalt, etc. over time. We can clean these services and get them back to pristine conditions.


Outdoor buildings like sheds, gazebos, art pieces, storage buildings, carports, etc. are just as suceptible to the destructive effects of the mold, mildew, algae, fungus, etc. that is lurking in your outdoor environment. These often overlooked items are just as in need as other parts of your home. We know how to clean just about any structure with safety and surety.


Your fences and walls are there for one reason, to protect. So give your fences and walls the same protection by having us pressure wash them clean from the harmful grime that is slowly infecting their surface. Proper pressure washing can help ensure a longer life for your fences and walls. We specializing in cleaning all types of fences and walls.

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There are so many benefits to keeping it clean like it reduces the amount of mold, algae, moss, and other contaminants that can affect your health around the exterior of your house or business. It also prolongs the life of your exterior surfaces and reduces the level of decay that is happening to them. There are also financial and psychological benefits as well.


The benefits of using a professional power washing service like H2Oooh are numerous. You don’t realize the damage a pressure washer can do to exterior surfaces until its too late. Professional power washers know how much pressure to use on each surface. They also know the right chemicals to use on the different type of exterior surfaces at your home or business.

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